HMP Rochester jail personnel sent home after falling ill from fumes from prisoners' drugs

Jail staff has been unable to work after being overcome with fumes from a harmful drug being utilized by inmates. Feel free to read more on marijuana delivery la .

As much as 4 officers at HMP Rochester were sent home after falling ill, and it is believed at least one had to receive health center treatment after being affected by smoke from a legal high called Spice.

The drug, which has actually been connected to 19 deaths behind bars, is similar to marijuana however believed to be about 100 times more powerful. It can trigger throwing up, seizures and psychosis.

Assistance for marijuana legalization has hit an all-time high

A new survey released today by the AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research discovers that a record-high portion of Americans-- 61 percent-- say they promote cannabis legalization.

The survey uses the exact same concern wording ("Do you think the use of cannabis should be made legal, or not?") on marijuana as previous Gallup surveys, which had actually shown a previous high of 58 percent assistance for legalization last October.

Infrared cameras and tax codes: The intense administration surrounding legal cannabis

Far from the reckless free-for-all stimulated by the opponents of marijuana legalization, Washington State s legal cannabis market is among the most securely managed industries in America.

In the wake of the passage of Initiative 502 backed by 56 % of the state s voters in November 2012 and its subsequent application, a host of tax codes, bank regulations and legal restrictions governing are being tested. And aware of the political repercussions of any slip-up, the state federal government takes it very seriously.

So growing legal weeds requires far more than know-how in farming. Julian Berlove is the 25-year-old co-owner of Mother Earth Farms, a Washington State-based company that concentrates on environmentally friendly, outdoor growing. The product might be natural however meeting the state`s rigid standards is technically and economically challenging.

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